Keyspan analyzes your health data, and gives you personalized solutions to reach your goals.
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What is Keyspan?

Keyspan allows you to get personalized diagnostics to know exactly what's going on with your body, and create a custom approach that includes an action plan, functional health coaching and personalized supplements.

How does a Keyspan membership work?

Keyspan membership costs $199/month or $2,148/year, and includes the following:

A comprehensive Baseline Blood Test, personalized diet, lifestyle, supplement and exercise plans, blood draws every 6 months and one-on-one health coaching. It also includes monthly deliveries of personalized supplements, along with continuous monitoring, support, and reminders via the Keyspan app.

Who is Keyspan for?

Keyspan is designed for anyone committed to optimizing their health. Whether you're aiming for improved mental and physical performance, weight loss, stress reduction, better sleep, or even prevention of chronic diseases. Our goal is to empower you with personalized insights and tools to achieve and maintain optimal health.

To subscribe to Keyspan you must be over 18 years of age, live in the United States, and have an Android or iPhone in order to access the app.

What are the benefits of membership?

Being a Keyspan member means:

Better Health: Our scientifically-backed plans help improve your everyday health and performance. You'll notice real changes that make a big difference.

Simplicity: Don't get lost in the world of supplements. We figure out what's best for you based on nutrition gaps and deliver it to your door. You save time and avoid confusion.

Personal Coaching: You get your own health coach. They help review your results, set goals, and create highly tailored plans based on your unique biochemistry. You can schedule 1:1s with them anytime through our app.

Stay on Track: Through ongoing at-home testing, and with our app, you can easily see your progress and get smart reminders to help you build healthy habits. Two essential tools to keep you moving towards your health goals.

What biomarkers do you test?

Blood biomarkers offer a crucial understanding of your metabolic health and nutritional condition, assisting in identifying potential nutrient deficiencies and disease risk. At Keyspan, we examine the following:

Baseline test for men: Glucose, Hemoglobin A1c, Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, ApoB, Calcium, Vitamin D, Testosterone, Cortisol, Albumin, Magnesium, Folate, Vitamin B12, RDW, Iron, Hemoglobin, Potassium, CRP, Homocysteine, GGT, AST, ALT.

Baseline test for women: Glucose, Hemoglobin A1c, Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, ApoB, Calcium, Vitamin D, Testosterone, Cortisol, Albumin, Magnesium, Folate, Vitamin B12, RDW, Iron, Hemoglobin, Potassium, CRP, Homocysteine, GGT, AST, ALT, Estradiol and TSH.

Initial blood draws are collected at home (or a place of your choosing) with a phlebotomist. Follow-up testing is done every 180 days to fine tune the program.

Is Keyspan comprehensive for women's & men’s health?

We cater to the distinct metabolic and hormonal differences between men and women, this way plans and recommendations can be further tailored to the individual based on their unique physiology.

Does Keyspan have a referral program?

Yes. We are currently in beta and plan to launch to the public soon. To get early access and invite friends and family, sign up here.

Why does testing matter?

Biomarkers are measurable indicators of your biological state or condition. These can range from levels of vitamins and minerals in your blood, to hormone levels, inflammation and more. Tracking these biomarkers can help identify nutritional deficiencies, understand your risk of chronic diseases, and provide insight into your overall health. Biomarker testing is like having a candid conversation with your body. It tells us what your body needs, what it has too much of, and what it could use more of. The insights derived from these tests lay the foundation for a wellness program tailored precisely to you.

How is the women’s test different?

The additional biomarkers for women are indicative of hormonal status and metabolic standing in relation to those hormones. Female hormones (specifically estradiol) fluctuate frequently and ultimately decline with age which yields increase in cholesterol, decrease in insulin function and often muscle/bone degradation. Thyroid issues are ragingly prevalent amongst women and often mistaken for other syndromes; also Thyroid autoimmune disorders are directly linked to gut health and vice versa.

What’s Keyspan’s methodology for ranges? How does this differ from what I might find elsewhere?

Our method for ranges is to shift the range of western medical “normal” to a more functional range, flagging on-edge biomarkers as opportunities to prevent reds. Western medical range samples are taken from the majority, not from the healthy.

What’s in my daily supplement packet?

Keyspan's daily personalized supplement pack contains tailor-made nutrients, selected based on your unique biomarkers, health data, and goals, grounded in the most recent scientific research. Our formulations are subjected to stringent third-party evaluation and made of high quality ingredients. What’s not included: You won’t find low quality supplements with dubious dosages. Plus, your daily pack will never include anything you don’t need.

Can I share my results with my Doctor?

Yes. You can download a PDF to share with a doctor from the app once your results have been processed.

Does the Keyspan app integrate with my Oura, Whoop, Apple Health, or other wearables and services?

Yes. Keyspan integrates with all major wearable brands such as Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit, Oura, Polar, Withings, GoogleFit, Omron and Suunto.

What if there are abnormal results on my lab test?

If there are any results that require medical attention one of the tending Keyspan physicians will reach out by phone to discuss your results.

What about data privacy?

Your data is secure. Samples collected through Keyspan mobile phlebotomists are analyzed in CLIA certified labs and destroyed according to regulations. We are also HIPAA compliant.

How does Keyspan use AI to analyze my data?

Keyspan leverages an advanced machine learning algorithm, rooted in the latest medical science, to analyze your blood test results. In partnership with your personal health coach, we offer tailored diet, lifestyle, exercise, and supplement recommendations. Our goal? To rebalance any identified health markers and maintain your well-being. It's high-tech meets human touch, all to support your optimal health.

What if I live outside of a coverage area?

For your convenience, we also offer in-lab testing at your nearest LabCorp facility except for NY, NJ and RI.

How long does it take to get lab test results?

All lab test results take 3-7 days from the time the lab receives your blood sample. If your lab sample has been collected and you’re waiting on results, feel free to email for a status update.

Will my supplements change over time?

Your supplements are a dynamic regimen that changes based on your needs. Every six months we’ll retest your blood and adjust the plan and stack.

When will I get my supplements?

Typically Keyspan will share results ~1 week from the date we receive your blood results from the lab.

What can I expect during follow up sessions?

Placeholder: That is solely dependent on your unique needs and goals as discussed in your initial session.

How long is a coaching call?

We have a few different types of coaching sessions that are included in membership. After your baseline blood test, the initial coaching session is 1 hour. Followup sessions are typically 30 minutes. If you’d like to add on, grab one session or a bundle at any time here

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